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My tour around Belgium, the Netherlands & Luxembourg should also be a charity campaign again!


After I collected €510.93 in donations at my charity campaign for JayBiking Germany and was able to donate - for a total of €911.93 - six bicycles (4 to the youth group "4teens" & 2 to the "KiJu") as well as an additional €221.93 to Ukraine Aid, I collected donations again this year.

Unfortunately, the donations this year were not quite as numerous as last year. I can't say whether it was because the tour was aborted or because the tour was less "special".

Nevertheless, €243.18 wre donated.
My heartfelt thanks to
- Tim
- Hans-Jürgen
- Per
& my parents

together with my own donation of €200 (€189.60 for the planned kilometers and a small bonus for the cancellation) €443.18 can be donated to a children & youth group.

Unfortunately, not enough money was raised to support both projects ("Wohngruppe Benrath" and "KiJu" in Wuppertal).

Initially, the plan this year was to fulfill a few wishes of the "Wohngruppe Benrath", as the "KiJu" had benefited last year.
However, since the "Wohngruppe Benrath" has moved to a new house and this move has taken much longer than initially planned, I have decided to support KiJu again this year.

Shortly after Christmas (27/12) I played Santa Claus and brought a table tennis table to Wuppertal-Cronenberg - attached 2 pictures as a teaser, but I was promised nicer ones as soon as the table tennis table was unpacked and "in action".
The “Wohngruppe Benrath” will definitely benefit from my and your donations from the 2024 tour.

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