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the plan
as I was saying on the start page, I love to challenge myself.
After I did not finish my tour around Island (2016) – due to bad planning and technical difficulties – and I have not started another challenge, it was time for a new adventure.
What would be a good and challenging tour?
A tour, that you do not have to start with a plane flight.
A tour around Germany.
Of course, it is not possible to ride exactly along the border – at least not for me. But I tried to plan the tour along the border as good as possible.
In Germany it is not allowed to put your tent “in the wild”, so I had to plan with campsites.
So I planned a tour from campsite to campsite with a (more or less) 100km ride day by day.
I will spent the (3 or 4) rest days more likely in a hotel to get better rest and more energy for the next stage.

- 43 days for the tour 
- 39 days on the bike
- 3883km
27.490 vertical meters


the tour

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