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My Tour around Germany is also for charity!

For every kilometre that i ride on this tour I am going to donate 0,10€

(that is €389,40 or more, if I do extra kilometres 😉)!
>> For the 4010km I will donate €401,00

The „good course“ should obvious have to do with bicycles. 
That means that I will invest the collected money in bicycles for kids in need. 


My idea was to donate, the bikest to a Children's home, on current occasion Ukrainian children and families are on my list as well.

With your help both ist possible!
The more you support me, the more bicycles!

After the donation goal at StartNext was sadly not reached (€272.00/€390.00), I subsequently gave the opportunity to donate again via paypal (and bank transfer), which most donors did, but also a few Latecomers were added, for whom the donation period (about 2 months) was too short.

This means €510,93 in donations have been collected!

Many thanks to:

Elea, Lars, Viktor, Tim, Julia, Sebastian, Per, Denis, Peggy, Moritz, Ivo, Julian, Rainer, Katrin,  Andrea, Lukas&Inken, Mom&Dad  

With €911,93 in total I have organised six bikes. 

The first four bicycles were handed over to the youth group "4teens" in Wuppertal,

the other two bicycles to the KiJu-Wuppertal

in the end there was even more money to donate:

€100,- to "4teens" for bike equipment

€221,93 to help for refugees of the Ukraine war from Caritas, Diakonie and Gemeinschaftsstiftung for Wuppertal

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