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2024 should be another charity campaing in memory of my brother!

In 2022 I collected €510.93 in donations at my charity campaign for JayBiking Germany and was able to donate - for a total of €911.93 - six bicycles (4 to the youth group "4teens" & 2 to the "KiJu") as well as an additional €221.93 to Ukraine Aid.

In 2023 I collected €243.18 and was able to donate - for a total of €443.18 - a table tennis table to KiJu Wuppertal-Cronenberg.

This year I decided to rename the charity campain to "Laas 4 Kids" in memory of my brother.


Again, I am going to donate €0.10 for every kilometre. This year not only for my grand tour, but for every event as well.

Of course, this year the donations will go to the "Wohngruppe Benrath" in Düsseldorf, the last project of my brother.

I am looking forward for your support.

2024 donations so far: €77,11-

your donations:




My heartfelt thanks to




my donations: €27,11

Rhein-Ruhr-Marathon (21,1km) = €2,11

Biking 2 the Sea (250km) = €25,- 

If you would like to donate in the meantime, you are of cause welcome to do so:

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