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my name is Jens.
I have been growing up at the nether Rhein, lived in Düsseldorf for more than 17 years and now, after a short stint in Krefeld, I live in Wuppertal. 


Sport has ever been an essential part of my life.
In my childhood it was football and tennis (and everything else involving a ball), in later years it was mostly Volleyball.


The Bicycle was always a true friend to me, in day to day life and in holidays.
In recent years I started riding Roadbike and running.

Originally, this page was primarily intended to document my bike tour around Germany and the associated fundraising campaign.

A few more adventures have now been added and this page is dedicated to these, both small and large.

And of course to continue collecting donations for the kids.

Some events that are on my schedule for 2024 (maybe I'll see you at one or another):


from the northernmost point of Germany to the southernmost point (06/08 - 15/08)


Sparkassen Münsterland Giro (thu 03/10)


Rhein-Ruhr Marathon Duisburg (sun 05/05)

Himmelgeister Brückenlauf (sat 15/06)

Westenergie Marathon Essen (sun 13/10)


Stadtwerke Bochum-Triathlon (sun 30/06)

Hückeswagen Triathlon (sun 25/08)

Stadtwerke Ratingen Triathlon (sun 15/09)

!!! NEW !!!

follow me on WhatsApp to get updates on dates of future events:

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